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Community Coalitions at Work in the HVCASA Region

There are 169 municipalities in the state of CT and all of them have a designated Local Prevention Council (LPC). They come in all shapes and sizes. Some represent individual communities, while others are partnerships between neighboring towns. Some Local Prevention Councils meet monthly, and others convene just 4 or 6 times per year. The common thread for all of these coalitions is that they are made up of volunteers who endeavor to reduce the harmful consequences of substance abuse in their towns.

In the HVCASA region, we have 12 dedicated Local Prevention Councils covering the 22 towns in our service area. They are community based organizations. They are not projects of the schools or the town government or the local police or the youth service agencies. They are entities unto themselves which have representatives from all of these other organizations. That is the beauty of a coalition and precisely what makes the LPCs uniquely positioned to create community level change. They use the contributed knowledge and resources of many different sectors to identify real local conditions, and address these issues from multiple sectors.

HVCASA has the privilege of working closely with these local dynamos.

For more information about how you can join or support your LPC, contact allison.fulton@hvcasa.org

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