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pexels-photo-125454wAs outlined in HVCASA by-laws, the Drug-Free Schools Committee (DFS) consists of at least one school-based representative from each of the school systems in HVCASA’s service area, and other members, at least one of which is directly involved with the provision of substance abuse prevention or treatment services to school-aged children in grades K-12. The committee also contains at least one member directly involved in the provision of prevention or treatment services to college-aged youth. Other members are not required to be members of a specific organization.

The duties of the DFS include helping HVCASA’s Executive Director in assessing school-based substance abuse prevention, intervention, treatment and aftercare service needs and assets in the service area; to develop, implement and evaluate an Annual Action Plan; and to promote the development and coordination of needed school-based services in the service area. This committee has enjoyed very stable membership along with its longevity. It is chaired by Sheila Levine, and has representatives from most of the high schools in the lower part of the HVCASA sub-region. Every year, the committee considers data, trends in student behaviors, and first hand experiences to determine priority topics for their Annual Parent Awareness Workshop and Legislative Breakfast. They will also hold round-tables, and have done so with Athletic Directors, and school resource officers. Past programs include:  Steroid Prevention training for local coaches, and forums for school nurses. The committee meets at 8am on the middle Wednesday of every month from September through June. Their Legislative Breakfast is held in October, and the Annual Parent Awareness Workshop generally takes place in late March or early April. New representatives are always welcome. We are in the process of forming a group that will meet at our Goshen office on the third Thursday of every month so that we can provide the same opportunities to the regional schools Shepaug, Wamogo , HVRHS and Litchfield High School.

For more information , contact Allison Fulton, Executive Director, HVCASA at 203-743-7741 or email at allison.fulton@hvcasa.org.