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As outlined in HVCASA by-laws, the prevention committee consists of representatives from each of the Local Prevention Councils of our 22 Towns, along with other community members, one of which is mandated to be a Prevention Services Provider. Due to large number of towns in HVCASA’s sub-region this committee is divided into two sub-committees: Prevention Committee North and South. The committee’s primary aim is to promote the Statewide Prevention Plan. The committee assists HVCASA’s Executive Director in assessing prevention needs and assets in the Prevention Plan; and promotes the development and coordination of needed prevention services in the service area. Other members are not required to be members of a specific organization.

The Prevention Committee has been divided up by the northern and southern parts of our region. These groups are comprised of the chairpersons of the various Local Prevention Councils, and sometimes, other key leaders from the LPCs. They meet every other month to share information and use their volunteer manpower and limited resources in the most efficient manner. They help to inform the statewide prevention plan by bringing local level data and information to the coalition.

For more information , contact Kathy Hanley, Prevention Coordinator, HVCASA at 203-743-7741 or email at hvcasa@yahoo.com.